Reviews for "~Goddess~ -hania"

Serieusly schocked.

You have a BEATIFULL voice!! But about this song, i like the way how you sing it very much, you have got my vote =]. Did you also made this songtekst?


you have a talent that has never existed before.
remember this.
God gave you this talent, and I'm glad he did!
I hope you enjoy it.
btw, is that you playing piano?
because that is THE ultimate talent!
being able to play and sing, I can hardly even play piano (started a year ago, now lvl2-lvl3)

oh, shivers again...

I want to cry.

(holding it in)

hania responds:

Wow - thanks :) I'm glad that you like my music :)
And yep - that's me playing the piano.
Take care!

This touched my Soul

I ahve never heard such a haunting tune, I a sure there will be people who say its not haunting, but the fact is this song touches peaople, it touched me, I felt shivers all over listening to this, I recommend this everyone.

Put it in your favourites, best song on Newgrounds. Period.

I have no words...

Your music is the BEST thing I heard...


I have had this song stuck in my head for a whole week so far. . . keep up the great work and beautiful singing!