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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

marry me!

your voice is that of siren and angel combined. it's like nothing i've ever experienced. you must be some godess of song to sound so incredible.
your voice...
simply amazing...
i'm awestruck. you are perfection.


This is amazing, it had my attention the whole time. I normally go for the metal and electronic but this is a hania track so I had to listen the the first thing I thought about when I hear the song and read the lyrics was my girl and how much I love you. Thank you so much for a track me and my girlfriend can sing, dance, and bond to.

Bravo! ^_^

Absolutely wonderful job, hania! Your voice is very beautiful and almost, I dare say, hypnotizing or dream-like. I give you my 10!

luv the voice

you have a pretty voice, very good, I want to hear more of your stuff


wow this is so good, i really love it. Your voice is so nice. The chords flowed really well. And i liked hows the lyrics "jumped" You're floating towards the skies
Can you feel it?