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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

very good

you have an awesome voice

Flows very well.

This song was very well made. The lyrics and mood made me imagine a boy who stands on a hill in the mid of night and watches an army pillaging his village. A goddess appears before him and says if he follows her, she will grant him his vengeance. The boy who was lost, now finds a purpose. He will later become and adult and a commander of a opposing army, making way for a new empire.

top 10

one of the top ten songs on newgrounds, definitely one of the best songs with vocals


You are one awesome singer. You should try taking a career (I know it's spelt wrong) I bet you would do very well.

I love it.

I really like your music
for this particular song "fire" was my favorite word in the song.
it stuck out.

Besides that i think there should be a way to mass download an artists songs.
thatd be pretty cool. dont you think?

p.s. go get a movie deal of some sort, im sure its not hard for someone with a voice of your caliber