Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


Inspiration through the eyes of imagination. Imagination is something held within the child's mind that carries through the age of adults. We may lose it sometimes, but it is never gone. This song has given me many inspirations for my writing now. I will have my next story Inspired by you... Thank You.

Amazing audio, I give it a big 10 and a nice 5!


Your voice is pitch-perfect. The detached tone suits the song very well. Keep it up.
As for the instrumentation, it sounds a little, dare I say it, like Bjork.

From one poetic soul to another..

You have truly perfect the cooperation of music with poetry. I felt my emotions flutter with every word that came from your elegant voice. You truly have talent in not only singing but reaching out to people with a distant soul as I've read in some of your other reviews. You are truly the source of your own creation. Your own lyrics. Amazing..


Wow! I just found out this site has an audio portal too :P
Since this is the #1 number, I was expecting something good. but.. it was excellent!! I think you did a good job, but I wonder: Who is the second person singing?
Good job, soft voice in the beginning, but it gives a good effect to the song. Great job, keep up the good work!

hania responds:

Hey Roeland,
It's me singing all the vocals. I record the main and then go over it with another voice and over again until I feel it's got enough harmony :)
Thanks for the support!! :)


My fav song. It just... amazing.