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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

So beautiful.

Hania, your music is becoming more beautiful than ever before.

I know you will be famous, and have plenty of music some day, so while you're still young, and wise --- remember to respect yourself, despite all the pressure, maintain who you are now, and only accept improvements, never an outside corruption.

You are beautiful, your music is beautiful.

You are as good as an Angel on earth.

Continue making your beautiful music, you will change the world some day.


Umm... Those are good lyrics. Lol, love em keep going. There probably is much more I could cover but I think it all fits into "F, Good Job!" lol. Keep up the good work.


Very good. i know this might be a dumb question, but did u sing this? It just sounds really good.

hania responds:

Hehe - nothing's a dumb question when you don't know something :)
And to answer it - yep - I sang ;)
Thanks for the review and the support!!


This is my first song i hear on Newgrounds, wich represents a Female Vocalist.

I suddenly get some night elf thingy in my head, very odd.


You've got an amazing voice! Your melodic voice works very well with the song. Hopefully one day you'll be signed to a major label and make it big!