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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

At Last =]

A New Song at Last, I'm So Glad You Are Back...

Cant Wait To See You


hania responds:

YAY! And there are more songs to come - but give me 3 weeks, cause I've got to go to work and make money for food right now... and that will take 3 weeks as of tomorrow.
But after that, I'm free again to make more music!! :)

Sounds great!

The vocals sound little it different from your other songs but it still sounds good.This is just another great song by you,all I can say really.


epic win

GOLD STAR FOR YOU AWESOMENESS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Realy don't stop working hard this is a great song and you a great so as i said keep up the good work.


I think its my favorite so far...

Even if there wasn't any electric guitar, it felt very... metal-ish... you should make a symphonic metal version of this song... It would be awesoooome <3

Like ZephMan said... it looks like Nightwish :D



Amazing, reminds me of Nightwish. All it needs is some metal guitar ;) (I'm a guitar player)

Anyways great job. I hope to hear more from you.

hania responds:

If you want to add guitar to it, let me know :) I've always wanted to add guitar to my pieces, but I don't think computer programs that I have give the instrument any justice and I can't play a guitar very well - so I just leave it out :( Sad huh.
But yep - always happy for instrument players to give me a hand !! *some real percussion would be awesome too!