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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

Remind me of...

This reminds me of a little bit of Laura Branigan. This is my favorite song of yours next to Burden.

This Is Perfection

This is the greatest song i have ever heard... EVER. So just plain fun. Your voice is given to you as a talent, a skill, a gift You must not stop using it. This song is sooo good!

marry me!

your voice is that of siren and angel combined. it's like nothing i've ever experienced. you must be some godess of song to sound so incredible.
your voice...
simply amazing...
i'm awestruck. you are perfection.

great i loved this

this was so good and it reminds me of the good background music of a rpg.

ps i might a amv with it if i do i will siend you a link. :)

Great :D

I've listened to all your works here on NG. ,You really are incredible. Have you gone professional yet?

hania responds:

Well, I like to *think* of myself as a professional (hehe) but as far as me being signed to a label or having thousands of CD's being distributed around the world - no - that hasn't happend yet.
I'm working on it though - so perhaps sometime soon!! ;)
Thanks for the review!!