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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


hey seamonky, theres only like 120 votes so it counted more i think. But anyways, this song is awesome. I luv this type of music, the pace it goes by is perfect for the flow of the lyrics corresponding with your voice. I can't seem to think of any constructive critisism for this piece other that maybe having a greater range of tone for your voice; i dunno. Im not an expert to this sort of thing ie: singing.

11/10? Hahaha! Loved it as always.

The background humming was really epic mixed with your beautiful voice. This is not Newgrounds music at all. This is something you would hear from a radio or an orchestra. I swear, voice of an angel. Love the rhymes and choices of words that you used in this audio. The instruments were beautifully played like the piano. Damn, I'm loving your audio's right now. Amazing, purely amazing hania! :D

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My God.

My dear, I bow the the buty of your voice. This song brings tears to my eyes. You've truely been blessed with the vocals of an angel.

This song... Is Inspirational 10/10.
This is truely incredible, the best newgrounds Piece I've ever heard. Please submit more, I beg of you.

absolutely great

Is Awesome
the lyrics are great... what you are saying is really nice... I almost cried, is so beautiful
the music is amazing... & I loved the piano
and your voice... your voice is perfect



Another great song, but I have a question: Do you usually record your piano playing as you sing, or separate and then layer them over eachother?

hania responds:

Thanks for the review :)

In regards to recording my piano - I do different things, sometimes I record it first and then just sing on top or sometimes I do it together (and then just add other vocals on top later) - it varies :)