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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


This is amazing, it had my attention the whole time. I normally go for the metal and electronic but this is a hania track so I had to listen the the first thing I thought about when I hear the song and read the lyrics was my girl and how much I love you. Thank you so much for a track me and my girlfriend can sing, dance, and bond to.


Lovely lyrics, lovely singing! What more can I ask for!

My only beef is... what makes this rock? Its more like a classical Enya type thing. I dunno, just a little thing.


god say no more...

plz marry me xD

This one's even better than Silver Memory!!!!!!!!

This is so great!You have the most beautiful voice!And in this one I got a hint of an accent. You should totally be on, like, American Idol or something. Usually I don't really much care for female singers, but you are like, amazing!!!!!Why aren't you famous yet?!BE FAMOUS!!!I COMMAND YOU!!!BE FAMOUS NAAAOOO!!!!!!!!!


Great voice should be in movie