Reviews for "Thrasher"

more majesty

clearly this is one of your best works...your rendition of Bring the Pain will always be my favorite, but this is definately my 2#.

your REAL 1# fan, Dosko

(P.S.....I've downloaded ALL of your songs)

CoOl! LEt's do it.

Come on this is so awesome, Let's rock, Huuuayyy, i'm havin' rage of fury,, GGGUAAH. pretty cool, I love songs like this one. This is another world to relax in.

You can even cry of the beautifulness of this song. DUDE. So amazing a'll give you a 100 for tthis.

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks for listening man!

I head-bang to this!!

I head-bang to this!! I always listen to heavy metal!!! This is totally HEAD-BANGING AWESOME!!

JonSantiago responds:

Hail satan!


This song is an amazing heavy metal song.
The transitions to each different part sound awesome
and just overall you got some crazy riffs in there.
Amazing job. Keep up the good work!

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks alot man! check out my newer posts.



so good

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks man!