Reviews for "Poison"


i like this one, not as much as chaoz devotion, but still. i'm a fan.


Good job

po pimpin

Great job, i could definatly see this in a battle scene. keep up the good work.


Like AznPB told me b4 linking me to this, ur remixes are way better than ur original stuff. But, this song sounded more like u used a bunch of familiar loops and drugged them up with distortion and EQ effects and a little silence cutting. I kinda recognized the beat right away...
Anyways, it sounds ok tho, 4/5 from me, 7/10.

ParagonX9 responds:

Well, then unfortunately i have to disapoint you...
I didnt use any loops.
The bassline is a distorted 303 bassline that i made in Reason's Subtractor patch. And when the beat drops in I put the filter to maximum wich gives a nice simple saw synth-like sound.

The beat...
The beat has 10 different samples.
If you didn't know it yet: "Making the beats is a big passion to me..."

I made a screenshot for you of how the beat was created:

Ok take a look at the screenshot.
You see that timeline below?
There at the '8' marking that's where
the beat rolls in.

Between the '9' marking:
That is where 'actually' the whole track should start playing, but i just
wanted to make it more surprisingly by let the whole sequence drop in
on the '10 marking' (where you see that P flag thing)...
If you listen carefully to the track while you look at this you can follow it along with the beat.

(Please do not disgrace my work saying i use loops, it really pisses me off)
Now that i've shown you the picture
I would like to know from you what you mean with "I kinda recognized the beat right away".
And is that the reason why the originality and effort dropped to 3 and 6?

Anyways, I am glad that it sounds ok to you tho. And thank you for your review.


Perfect Acid Battle theme

Nice one!
Very simple but very professional acid song!
Great job PX9 ;-)

ParagonX9 responds:

Tanx zero! ;)