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Reviews for "Myra In Her Study"

Amazing work once again.

As I said, amazing work. The only thing I found odd was her right hand, is she just pressing it against the corner of the chair? why? And the chair itself, the "sitting cushion" (idk what to call it) looks kind of wierd if you look at the side where her legs are.

Good job.

Solid Piece; Only Issues are Simplicity & Lighting

A great deal of attention was placed upon the character, and

The picture's lighting effects indicate to me that the creature should be reflecting (if not emanating) plenty of light to illuminate the front of her face. Instead, only the cheeks and back of her hair are lit up, due to sunlight that manages to get through the blinds' cracks. Even if it doesn't emanate light, a white sheet of paper, angled with a lamp, can light up the front end of a black stereo system knob. In other words, you can reflect some light off of you if you're not composed of colors that absorb it (like this bright white dragon). Hence, the front of the face should be illuminated at least a little. It's another light source. You got one correct... but the other should be a little more pronounced.

If it were me, I'd ditch the sunlight and make it an evening session in her study. When I think study I think nighttime, after the daily grind has been squared away. The character looks to me like a night owl, anyway. In doing so, the illumination would instead come from the dragon, and the front of her face would be brightened up. It would also make for a dimmer, far more mysterious picture.

Some of the textures on the floor is okay, but the light source and lack of shadows for the little legs of that chair further diminish the level of immersion one can feel from the piece. And perhaps out of a desire not to mingle too much with perspective (although a few painful lessons there never hurt one's technique), the bookshelf is conveniently barren. This poses two problems: one, we assume a magician would have all manner of treatises, ledgers, and scrolls lining a shelf, not all properly organized, either (rather haphazard in fact). The second issue is that some technical geek will call you on potential laziness for leaving it bare. We rarely assume a wizard is illiterate. At least there are books in the bottom shelf, behind the small table and chair, out of sight for the most part. Lining the shelves might have felt like bull work and perhaps you were rushed, but keep these suggestions in mind for later pieces.

Having her face in profile is not just for ease of drawing, because the subject matter--the piercing examination of the creature perched upon her outstretched hand--is the crux of this piece, where everyone's eye will rest upon. The Victorian-esque chair, the repose for an apprentice in the arcane, is well-fashioned despite the flaws in light effects. The character is also in correct proportion from what I can tell, and the minor effects like candles and oriental rugs help this picture stand out even more.

Though some elements appear simple and the lighting could have had a makeover, Myra in Her Study is still a solid piece. I suggest you outline and begin formatting the boxes for a comic book featuring your characters, because they won't be worth much if you don't draw them on a consistent basis.

Sabtastic responds:

Wow, man. Thanks! The least I can do is reply to your comment! Sorry it took so long.

First off, thankyou for such an in-depth look at this piece. If you don't write professional artistic reviews, you really should look into it! It's so refreshing to actually get a helpful review that has a lot of time and effort put into it, as opposed to some ... 'less useful' opinions I've gotten in the past.

Very rarely will someone's review inspire me to open up the artwork again on Photoshop and fix whatever errors were mentioned. Needless to say, your critique really makes me want to do that!

I'll be sure to look you up if I get around to fixing up this submission. c:

How you do you do it...

How do you make pictures and drawings of such high quality?

This is so good....

.... I can't even think of a witty comment! :D

But honestly, I love the light-dragon, her pose and everything. gr33bl3r & LegolaSS have a very good eye for details and they are right, but I would not have noticed all the little things they mentioned.

The title is "Myra In Her Study " but it looks as if she is playing rather than studying or practising. This makes her seem very powerful. I don't know if this was intended but adds a nice twist to the title. I hope I'm not overinterpreting this. :P

Impressive work yet again!


Amazing art! this piece has great feeling and depth as well as excellent execution with the actual line art and coloring. the only thing that I think needs improvement is the shadows. she has the blinds down but those slits in them make for very interesting shadows. also like LegolaSS said her face and hand need to be lighter and you could even add some shading to the outside of her face around her hair and on the back of her hand to heighten the effect. Having said that, amazing work!