Reviews for "[TMM43]Essential"

Downloading this song....NOW!

Wonderful. Reminds me of the soundtracks of the early Sega Games...

Awesome feel

Good feeling but it feels a bit empty im not sure what its missing but there is something. Besides that its awesome 10/10



makes me want to get up and dance


The synths that you use here are pretty nice, although they are repetitive (you know this already, apparently), and the melody is more than adequate.

The percussion is more varied, and I really like it. The double claps and stuff, especially towards the end, are particularly nice. The little dj-esque sound effects add to the beat too, although they do border on being overused.

The little changed up part at around one minute is good, but it kinda sounds like you just slapped a phaser/filter on there. You could probably add a new voice/instrument there that contrasts with the rest of the light synth stuff. The pads in the background at around :35 could probably be redone too- they sound pretty cheesy.

Also: this is pretty short- and there isn't that much depth to it. That, coupled with the repetitiveness, really doesn't lend the track to multiple listens.

Still, very dance-y, and obviously catchy. So good job on that.

very good

sounds great!
im not sure why ppll dont like your house music more.. i think its great :D
and I also like your techno!