Reviews for "[TMM43]Essential"

if it is true what you say

i like this a lot, because house is a hip thing in holland righ now andbecause i like the music alot, nice claps there! and te beat, awesome!
well if you say you review me, i review you, id love to get a review from ja to



too bad its so short, you should really mix this mate


Very nice sound! Kinda similar to some shit I have been working on lately... Check it out!


i liked it just sounds nice

verrrrry naaais

Very nice, i loooooove the main synth. It's so perfect. I could do without :30-40, however. It's sounds like...1990s cheesey techno/trance to me, heh. :41 comes in sooo hard and awesome though, i love it. I would've liked to see a large build-up from :41 to about 1:10 of this section. The small bit from about 1:00 to 1:10 is just not enough for me :D Being a DJ, I'd like it to be bigger, to play around with it more.

The kick-roll in the beginning is a little wonky, but other than that and the claps at 1:04ish (i dunno, just odd sounding to me :x) the percussion is spot on. It sounds very good, and i like the variation.

If this song were only 6+ minutes somehow. It would be an awesome club-banger/anthem track to get people moving. As of right now, however, it's way to short to get into enough, and replay value hurts because of that.

Great job on a solid track, just wish it were longer!