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Reviews for "Rainy Night"

Awesome! <3

All that dark and haunting imagery of trees and creepy branches just makes this look a bit too eerie. The lighting still looks fantastic though. But a bit too overpowered by all the lack of.

Edit: Oh wait what? That was actually the point? My mistake then, I completely misread what your piece was trying to convey. If so then it makes much more sense this way. Thanks for enlightening me to that. I'm changing my rating to 5 then.

moertel responds:

Haha, I must say that if it looks eerie and a bit creepy to you then it accomplished its mission. ;) At least I intended for it to look like an ordinary traffic light but give it a twist with the mist and branches. This loosely resembles a scene from the opening titles of the series "Dark" and I found that eerie mood so captivating, I wanted to recreate it. I appreciate that you took the time to comment. :)

No clue what someone below was complaining about with it looking too "eerie" or why that would even begin to take away from the beauty in the first place. Eerie or not, this is yet another magnificent work. I could sit and watch the lights change for hours, probably. I love that the rain isn't too overpowering or pronounced. I can almost hear the raindrops. I think that an opportunity was missed in bringing a subtle ripple to the reflections of light in the foreground, which would have probably added to the atmosphere here. That aside, you definitely have a knack for capturing snapshots from life and executing them beautifully in pixel format.

moertel responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! For the reflections I was aiming to let them look like wet concrete, not necessarily puddles; which I guess is why adding ripples didn't even occur to me. This piece was a hard one in general because of all those different textures. Still learning in that regard, so suggestions like these are much appreciated.

This is so breath taking. Nice work!

i dig it. good job. same goes for your other stuff.