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Reviews for "Rainy Night"

cozy as hell

All that dark and haunting imagery of trees and creepy branches just makes this look a bit too eerie. The lighting still looks fantastic though. But a bit too overpowered by all the lack of.

Edit: Oh wait what? That was actually the point? My mistake then, I completely misread what your piece was trying to convey. If so then it makes much more sense this way. Thanks for enlightening me to that. I'm changing my rating to 5 then.

moertel responds:

Haha, I must say that if it looks eerie and a bit creepy to you then it accomplished its mission. ;) At least I intended for it to look like an ordinary traffic light but give it a twist with the mist and branches. This loosely resembles a scene from the opening titles of the series "Dark" and I found that eerie mood so captivating, I wanted to recreate it. I appreciate that you took the time to comment. :)

Awesome! <3