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Reviews for "Never Give Up"

I see this as both a statement about your personal overcoming of obstacles but also as a powerful statement about Newgrounds itself, hope you don't mind me co-opting your very personal work Luis!

A break dance routine inspired by your earlier personal one? Or maybe that one was based upon this? Or both? The motion's amazing. And once you get tired of that you can start following the water droplets from the pixelated pipes, the headbumping pigeon bops and runaway motions or ghettoblaster in the background.

Wall design looks all dope too.

And on the Never Give Up note: he just gets up and starts going too. Over and over and over. The perseverance was sure way worth it. ;) Props. Happy Pixel Day! Good stuff.


Leave it to Luis to do the absolute hardest animation possible and work on it endlessly until it's done.

BREAK DANCING IS HARD and pixel break dancing

You don't know how many hours you put into this.
Much approval. :)