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Reviews for "Never Give Up"

Now that's a tasty animated gif!

This is one of the best that you've ever done. I'm constantly in awe of your ability to create tiny bite-sized chunks of fun with these sprites. "Darnell Break Dancing" is such a simple concept, but you really squeezed all of the creative juice you could out of it. I hope you never stop!

Happy Pixel Day.

Luis responds:

It’s weird responding to your reviews because I feel like can just do it in person or next time I talk to you but I can’t sleep so.

I am tempted to eventually update this with him nailing the routine after 4 or 5 loops and not telling anyone I updated it. Hmmm. I probably won’t. Once I sign a gif I can no longer touch it.

I love this

kid got moves

He's goin for it!

This is awesome!