Reviews for "Electronic Symphony"


it's like the red-headed bastard of fischerspooner, lcd soundsystem, and a little bit of ferry corsten. in all honesty, i would tell you not to change a thing.


great song!!! awesome beat and static sounds =]

I like it! I like it!

Exelent work guys, I love everything ; ) !!!


Theres nothing better that this!

P.S. Percs are okay, don't lisen to this guy below me ,P

Could have been better.

I honestly felt that this wasn't too good, but that's just me. The percussion was very poor, in my opinion, and needs to be worked on. The kick wasn't effective at all. Your synth was good, as was the flow of the song, but what I didn't enjoy was the sudden change at 2:14 from 4/4 to what really seemed like 2/4 in terms of the synth use up until 2:50 (with another sudden transition), and the claps did nothing to back it up.

It definitely needs some work. Please take this review to heart; I am not trying to bash your work! I am hoping you get better. =)

PsyWoofers responds:

DJ DooDah: No offence man, but I really didn't understand half of what you said... If you could speak in a less scientifical language maybe...
We really did our best on this stuff, and don't get disappointed, there's a lot more to come...