Reviews for "Electronic Symphony"

Yeah i enjoyed it 2 xD

Great ! i love it. Good job ^^

Very nice.

Good work on this. Enjoyed it all the way through.

PsyWoofers responds:

So why the 8???

Not bad!

You certainly know what you are doing with trance, definitely worth the listen. Watch out for the mix on the clap, I find it way too loud. Also, the lead isn't very original, as well produced as it is... throw in some syncopation, play with knobs, make something that stands out; something I will remember. I would also get some better percussion samples, you put together a nice drum line but it isn't spectacular, look up VIPzone or the Thrillseekers drum kit, both have lots of free samples and will make your overall sound better. Nicely done, good luck!

PsyWoofers responds:

Thanks we'll remember ur advice ; )

Nice job

gotta tell ya this; You've got some talent alrite~ keep it up!

PsyWoofers responds:

Thank you lots!


this is the BEST trance music on newgrounds keep it up!!

PsyWoofers responds: