Reviews for "Electronic Symphony"

Super Song 1000

It's not the mother of all trance songs its THE GOLD OF ALL TRANCE SONGS!

ten again xD

your Electronic Symphony is definitive the best and I heard the remixed version in dots 2 first =D stay at the remixed version and you're right =)

Thank You.

At least this is actuall electronic, all of this other stuff on here is piano shit. I mean, i don't want to go to any raves and hear that other shit.

I liked it

Not as good as some of your other works, the on reason: it dragged on. There were no new variations or treatments, just the melody in a new voice, and even that wasn't until about 150 seconds or repeptition. Still good work, and I like it, just needs more variety.


i like how fast it begins but it feels to me that it needs something.