Reviews for "Canon Rock (Short)"

Nice lick.

This, in my opinion, is the most catchy piece of music ever. If you could produce a full length song, in replication of JerryC, you... that would rock... a lot.

great remake of classic

for the lenght I wont take out, to make a good arrangement like that, any time is precious enough, loved the grace note riffs there with the guitar, very smooth-- no real big speaker distortion, like all the others, would love to hear it expanded, or at least a harmony with another guitar, give us anything a 4th a 6th a 7th! lol

great job!


charlieunicornrocks2 responds:

Yes i quieted down the guitar so it wouldnt create so much static because of the distortion. I would rather have less distortion and better quality then heavy distortion and not be able to hear it. Thanks for the great review :D

its sounds good as a loop

it definitely is worth extending but its great the way it is now!

charlieunicornrocks2 responds:

Thanks a lot :D I will definetly be making a longer version and ill pm all that give me a good review once its done so ill let ya know!


This is definitely worth making longer, and I think you could do a lot more with it... And it's something I can actually listen to just looping. :D


charlieunicornrocks2 responds:

Hehe awesome :D I tried ti make the short part loop as best i could so i decided this part would be the best.
Thanks for the review!


if you know how to play it on guitar, why didn't you?

charlieunicornrocks2 responds:

1. A computer doesnt make mistakes when playing it
2. Just because i know the tab doesnt mean I can play it perfectly
3. I have no way to record my guitar without using a crappy 5 dollar mic and sound recorder which has terrible quality unless i pay money for some stuff and to be honest this is to entertain you guys. It isnt worth paying money for its just a hobby.