Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"


Great Work! I love the SOC collection you have but why arn't they all on Newgrounds. Any Way Good work! -"5"

A perfect movie score?

I didnt see anything that I didnt see perfect, I bloody love this series, tho I didnt exactly expect to ever see another one again!
On note of that, whatever happened to the orriginal fuck society site? its like a porno search engine now.

that is what i needed

ya i need a good loling and you can make me do it make more are i will blow your brans

Kick ass as always!

Your guys show rocks so hard, I see youve gotten a lot more violent and homicidal over the year in these later episodes. I like it a lot. I want you guys to suck my girlfriends dick. No wait I mean I want my girlfriend to suck my dick while I watch the rest of your shows. Thats right, and thats whats gonna happen, oh yeah you know it!!!


The fact that this episode, and this entire series, is well near a decade old, just proves its genius. Jesus, hard nostalgia. 10.