Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"

wow that was great

i loved the style of drawing was awsome.and the music an sounds were great i loved the song at the end.good job dude


Real funny even though its short it still owns. And the scene were that guy(?) says
-bob, the gun
then shoots him is from batman movie1 right?

Very good, and worth a view, or 10

FS finally returns. Thank God, its been long enough. He he, Bob, man, i love BATMAN. Once again, SOC has managed to make me happy, in a sick and twisted way.

Ahh, Benny, Ya never let me down...

Dave, what have I told you about making gory flashes? What would your mother say? No not Ben...AHHHHHH, Umph.

P.S.- You asshole, you shot me! (In afunny, perverted sort of way:P)


I give this a fifteen out of twelve.

yeah...that's right.