Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"

((( COOL )))

Heheh its been awhile since one of thease have came out, kinda still funny, thats alot of episodes so-far, nice audio, its alot better since the old days, artwork is about the same but still works, hehe and still love that ending music heheh, anyways nice work, you have any more coming out soon...?




Seems like the same jokes are being rehashed . . . this series is losing it. Big time.

! D E T H !

Why do they kill every1 in each epesode? The show is okay but the gayness and gore makes it kinda wierd, well mostly the gayness the gore is kinda funny.

You know what? Uh un.

I saw the 3.79/5.00 rating and I thought this was going to be a possible Portal Top 50, but... I just didn't find the Jerky Boys "You Kicked My Dog" reference (IF it was intentional) or the Batman reference all that funny. I will give you props on the artwork, and all out originality, and maybe my sense of humor leans more towards the "poop joke" type of flash on NG, but it was a nice effort.