Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"

You made me laugh, :O

I didn't like it until, "Aww gunny, you never let me down =)" *POW* (Insert babyish whining noise here). That was good :P

Damn I love these.

I've been watching these since they started on your site and have loved him since episode 1. The babysitting one is my favorite. This was great also. keep up the amazing work.


WELLL it just goes to show you, like charlton heston always says : "Every problem in life can be solved with a gun"


wow, good work. Something about those characters tells me they might be based on real people, friends of yours maybe? or I could be completely off base. either way, it was funny and I liked the voices.

Everyone dies each episode XD

Thats full of lolz.