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Reviews for "Talking To Myself"


Yes, it sounds a bit like Moby. But I think it sounds a lot more like White Stripes than like Moby ^^.

The main riff and the melody of the vocals are very good. The lyrics are very easy to understand and they are somewhere in between "funny" and "dead serious", heh...

I also like the setup of the song. It's very simple but nevertheless very catchy. I'm humming along the melody right now as I'm typing this, even though the song already stopped playing ^^.

Too bad that nearly the whole song is so overamplifyed. This really hurts the song and prevents it from getting a higher score. I'd really like to hear that again in a cleaner version!

{ Review Request Club }

LenardNotLenny responds:

Alright then. Its decided. I have officially gotten enough people to say its too distorted... to Garageband!

You sing well...

I'll give you that. The arrangement of the song is also pretty decent, but dammit, the recorded instruments are so damn messy. You'd have a very good song if it weren't for the dirty guitar and muffled drums. This sort of upbeat song NEEDS to have a clear cut clean recording.
Good job on writing and singing it though. I enjoyed that part.

-Review Request Club-

LenardNotLenny responds:

Well, I was trying to make it sound dirty, I think it sounds to poppy without all the dirt rubbed in.

very well

the first sound of the song... was kind of annoying
then... I have to say that... you sing very well
& the lyrics were nice
the music was nice... it sound a little bit strange
maybe you should try to clear it a little bit

LenardNotLenny responds:

Tis the distortion. I fink...


This stuff should be on the radio, heh. Great track, simple text and good vocals. The beat is great too and the other instruments are a good jazzy addition. Not the best sound quality though, gets a bit fuzzy at times, but otherwise it sounds great. Keep it up!


LenardNotLenny responds:

Thanks. Yeah, the reason for the fuzzyness would be the too loudness of the track. Its just er... very loud. Once the audio is updated and it allows me to change files, I'm just going to tone down the volume.


Thirs this nasty sound coming out of my speakers, and im hoping its my shitty speakers i have.

LenardNotLenny responds:

Okay, why are you reviewing music if you have crappy speakers? Thats kind of shitty of you to give me a four just because there's something wrong with them.