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Reviews for "Talking To Myself"

Well worked

I'm not entirely sure about the sound that starts at the intro - I don't even know what instrument it is, but I personally found it really annoying and I think it is holding your song back a little.

The pause in the middle could have been made just that little bit longer, for more effect. Those are the only niggles, with what i found was overall a very nice song.

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LenardNotLenny responds:

Cool. Yeah... it was a synth on a keyboard with a very obscure Garageband filter. Thanks for your feedback.


Very nice song, the noise like guitar was very annoying cause I think it would be much cooler without is. You sing quite nice. Too much effects for my liking. But You did a great job on the other stuff:)

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LenardNotLenny responds:


Don't over effect

Hi there, Sammy Jenkins, this song sounded okay, yet I didn't enjoy it, let sum things up:

+ The beat had something cool to it

- You used much too many effects, like the noise, amplification
- The end part sounded cool, but seemed out of place

This song had potential, but it lost it when you started playing with the effects

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LenardNotLenny responds:

Like with the whole bitcrusher thing? If thats what you mean than I agree with you. I like it, but I overdid it at the end. Thanks for your feedback.


Well the fuzziness really hurts the sound of this to me, it just sounds pretty bad in alot of parts because of that, maybe you should redo it a little more again because the background beat is ehh. The actually singing is pretty good though, that's clear and everything, fits in well and sounds good.

The ending part is alright too, minus the poor quality unless it's actually suppost to sound a bit metalic, lol. Overall it's a decent track but I think the quality is the only thing that hurts this, sorry.



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LenardNotLenny responds:

Well, yeah... the sad thing about this is that I purposely fucked up the quality on the drums and guitar, and I think it sounds cool, but it seems others have a different opinion. Thanks for your feedback.

Really fuzzy and over amplified. \m/

- Good stuff -
The lyrics sounded VERY proffesional and really sounded like it was done in a sound booth. There was nice parts of this song, such as the meaning of the lyrics.

- Bad stuff and improvments -
The backround and intro guitar was a bit fuzzy even if it was sort of meant to sound like it. It was very overlapped and heavy with sound, so maybe you could maybe quiten down some of the really fuzzy sounding notes then it might be rockingly quiet.

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LenardNotLenny responds:

Thats exactly my plan. But I'm also in the process of re-writing it. Thanks for your feedback.