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Reviews for "Talking To Myself"

Not bad!

Even though I wouldn't say your voice is amazing, it's definitely perfect for this style of music. The beat was pretty simple, but I think that's what made me like it more. Overall, the music and lyrics are a little too repetitive, but it's an interesting song, good job!

LenardNotLenny responds:



This is great!
You have a really good voice.

LenardNotLenny responds:

Thanks a lot! Nice images.


I really liked it, nice vocals, nice guitar, even if it is a bit too distorted, but it sounds alright after a while. THe synth part was excellent, strange to hear a solo like it, but it was good. Just really liked the whole song in general, worked really well

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LenardNotLenny responds:


I wasn't keen on this.

I felt the 3 verses were too similar in melody. And the basic melody, in my opinion, was a bit boring and uninteresting.

I felt your voice just wasn't 'powerful' enough to match the number of effects and whatnot that you have on those guitars.

I felt the lyrics seemed a bit meaningless - they may be meaningful to yourself, but I just didn't 'get' anything from them.

I felt the first few seconds of the instrumental part sounded cool, but I didn't like it when you added the retro square-wave-type synths.

I do like the instrument that comes in around 2:00 and then 2:35.

I commend you for messing about, mixing real/synth instruments and obviously a bunch of others enjoy this. I, personally don't.

Maybe you're best off catering to those who do enjoy your stuff.

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LenardNotLenny responds:

Well, I thought it at least had a rockn beat.

One guitar. And it wasn't powerful enough? I wasn't expecting that. Dude...? That thing was set to about as powerful and distorted as possible without making it mush. I thought the problem was the opposite.

Yeah. I'm rewriting it. The lines are staying the same, but more will go inbetween em. It'll have actual meaning.

There were no retro wave-type synths.

The organ was Garageband. And then there was a bit-crushed guitar solo over that.


Well, even if you didn't like it that much, you gave me some nice feedback. Thanks for reviewing.

(title in work)

Well the song is pretty refreshing. I don't normally review rock songs on NG, or one with lyrics. You did a very nice job of the lyrics, they were the best part about this. I think the downside of this song was the guitar. It was well played and placed, but the quality when recorded or exported really hurt this song. Definitely try to get rid of that bad quality.

LenardNotLenny responds:

Again, the bad quality is perceived by the fact that I have so much endless amounts of distortion on there. Thanks for reviewing.