Reviews for "Marching Anthem--_--"


Well damn, this could be an excellent Breakbeat too, easily could of been similar to the Assassin's Creed commercial, but yeah, I acceptionally love the solo intro, mostly because it gave me the goosebumps that I had when listening to Inner Beast.

I have to admit, had a small fraction of clown music in their too >.<

Anyways, the song is the bomb, and I hope to not wait nearly a month for a new song =P

P.S. I'm glad u went back to the uber cool Reason =P, plus congrats on that Top 5.

PERVOK responds:

Man, that's cool, cause that's hip hop yo.

That's hip hop.

wow hell of a track

i still see you making them stre8 hip hop beatz something you just kick back and freestyle to ..i love the vibe to it...haha..

Reven & Zenon still droppin hits lmao...

keep it up bro love the way this is going we just both keep getting
better and more influenced by each others music



This tune is so catchy, I love it! It's basically the reason why I started to play the Impossible quiz games. but the 1st and 2nd one has surpassed my knowledge sadly. but the book I found to be slightly easier, but not completely. but this is my favorite tune from the series and I thank you for making it! :)