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Reviews for "Statistics Africa"

excelent work

Hahaha, excelent work especialy the cyborgs.and the "donk" noise keep on keepen on

That was good :)

What the hell am i sopposed to write here


Ok well notbad, allthough it was all sprite and no artistic artwork, it was funny, like amillion years later when they where cyborgs or just some form of robots, kinda funny though spears and a tank lol, anyways keep up the decent work...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Hoemany spears Does it take to destroy a tank, lets see???...



This is a pretty weird movie with some wacky stuff. Nice humor and afunny story!

I hate you.

If it took a million years, and 3 million spears, that would be only 3 spears a year. You are stupid. I hate you. Go slip in a puddle of AIDs and die.

Oh, and there are no "Indians" in Africa.