Reviews for "Fountains Of The Forgotten"


I was think of a techno music ut you amazed me with the piano i think it's very kool and i like the snare aswell simple and effective :)

Revolation responds:

Thanks :)

very nice

hey nice work and just so you know i used your song for an animation hope you dont mind and i hope it dosnt take away from the song

Revolation responds:

No i dont mind, and thx for like it. If you liked this then youll love my 2nd piano track "sentimental discharge" you should check it out. (VOTE PLEASE)


i dont listen to the music on here that often but you are one of the artists that i enjoy congrats on the good work and keep the stuff comeing

Revolation responds:

THanks, be sure to check out "Sentimental discharge" too thxx.


This is very good when trying to find a song to fit my sadness right now....


I can get lost in this track...