Reviews for "Fountains Of The Forgotten"


I was think of a techno music ut you amazed me with the piano i think it's very kool and i like the snare aswell simple and effective :)

Revolation responds:

Thanks :)

some good stuff!

you may wanna change up the beat a little kinda make the song a little more epic add it at 13 seconds into the song and i think it would give it that epic feeling also maybe add some strings? Just my thoughts hehe Other then that its a pretty tight track just needs a lil more work! good job on this!

Revolation responds:

Thanks, Any sugggestions on a better name?


I can get lost in this track...

nice melody keep it up

yo i rated this a 5 out of five because it sounds great melody is great musical typing by any chance? anyway this is really good like the stlye kind of sad but not really good name could have a better name though. check out my stuff its pretty cool

Revolation responds:

Yea thanks and i kinda came with the name on the spot.