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Reviews for "Metroid 3 - Brinstar"


Man, this song is INCREDIBLE! Super Metroid was easily one of the best games out there for the SNES.

Right now, I'm a hardcore fan of Metal Gear Solid 3, but just listening to this song makes me want to go back and play through Super Metroid again.

Keep it up. Easily gets a 5 and 10 stars!

freakin' orga**ic

i LOVE THIS REMIX. zomg. god i sound like a teenage girl. but you took one of my favorite songs from my favorite game, and made it better. even if i had never hear the origional i would have lov3d this. epic props.

You combined two great styles!

Yes, that's what it sounds like to me. You took the main style of Super Metroid, and brightened it with Megaman. It's almost like a mash-up, except nothing actually from the latter, just the sounds and that's it. What I'm trying to say is that it sounds like the original, but expanded in a much different manner. I absolutely enjoy this, and it's going on my iPod ;P


The most closer to the original I have ever listened to... In fact, on some parts I think this is better than the original one. It coud fit perfectly into a new version of Metroid for further consoles! Liked it a lot!

Your an even bigger nerd then m- oh wait nope...

I love the way you remixed the beat in this song, it still retains that nice nostalgic feel while renewing my love for the music itself... (nostalgia doesn't even mean you love the music itself, it could mean you liked it as a kid, or simply that you were around the music alot in the past.)
You know what'd be great though? Red Brinstar... that always calms me down.