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Reviews for "Metroid 3 - Brinstar"


wow you kick ass, cuz it sounds awesome, but you kinda need to make it a little louder in everything. i can't quite explain it but it sounds like something is droning everything else out. either than that, it sounds ass kickin!!!!!! im a download this and listen to it nonstop! if thats ok whit chu...


very good. Sounds familiar

Great song!

5/5 10/10! I just recently beat super metroid again (I beat it about once a year). this is such a good song! probobly one of the best songs from the game.

Kepp up the good work!


Man, this song is INCREDIBLE! Super Metroid was easily one of the best games out there for the SNES.

Right now, I'm a hardcore fan of Metal Gear Solid 3, but just listening to this song makes me want to go back and play through Super Metroid again.

Keep it up. Easily gets a 5 and 10 stars!


This song is just plain amzing! It's a Great Remix of Super Metroid. I absolutely love it. Respect.



~Salient Hunter