Reviews for "Climbing The Ladder"


Dude, i dont even like the sound of an accoustic and you managed to make it freaken epic. Pretty tasty accoustic jam on your part. BTW ive been listening to it for like 20 min. now

kiwifish responds:

sweet ;)


Great tunes! Man, i can't thank you enough for making my heart beat :) Go on & please play some more.


Not bad at all! It has good harmony, and just plain ol' rocks. You are a highly skilled guitarist, and i would like to hear/see more.

One bad thing, though, is the audio has too much pickup, making it get distorted at times. Mebbe it's NG's hosting, or your pickup, but other than that, this is freakin awesome!

not bad

pretty good man
ok ok ok.... it's bloody brilliant!
it gets abit unclear for awhile, it sounds patchy, you've probably been told that already.
I reckon you're music will take you to places.
could have been longer but it's ok just the way it is


I really liked this it flowed really well and it was great to listen to