Reviews for "Dr. Doomsday Vs [Mr. Sinister]"


I on't know what your talking about, despite the crap score of Filterfish, that doesn't make it a bad song, it just means some people have no sense of good musical taste...It may just be me, but I heard some distinct changes through out the song, so if the first part was Br. Doomsday then I definately like him more, anyhoo, good song.

Hammerypart says: Wow, those vocals sound faintly creepy, world domination like! BWOHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ahem, anyways, Cya 'round!

Hot Damn!

Good Job Mr. Bravery!


you spit hot fire!

Peptotrippin responds:

You want some of this hot fire?

I rip AND I rhyme.

Effing dope..

I LOVE this song. It's killer. Never heard anything as good as this. It's like my #2 on my favorite songs. Keep up the good work! 10/10 5/5 as always!

very cool =D

very catchy i liked it a lot, it sounded very nice, thou i would have to agree with mostwantedVIP in the thing about the drums