Reviews for "Dr. Doomsday Vs [Mr. Sinister]"


you spit hot fire!

Peptotrippin responds:

You want some of this hot fire?

I rip AND I rhyme.

Hot Damn!

Good Job Mr. Bravery!


I on't know what your talking about, despite the crap score of Filterfish, that doesn't make it a bad song, it just means some people have no sense of good musical taste...It may just be me, but I heard some distinct changes through out the song, so if the first part was Br. Doomsday then I definately like him more, anyhoo, good song.

Hammerypart says: Wow, those vocals sound faintly creepy, world domination like! BWOHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ahem, anyways, Cya 'round!

Hmm this is nice. PSO style.

This is sweet. For the most part. Is this original or what? even it's not it's still very good. The drums are nice man. You should check out my first submission. It's not a good as this but damn this is good. Check me out man. I really like the part at 2:00 and beyond. With the 8th notes and such. I wasn't feeling 2:20 secs though. It kinda awkward for me there. but it came back and it was nice again.

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