Reviews for "Gladiator!"

Could be better.

You need to have battle music to start. Secondly, all you have to do is mash the left and right arrows as fast as you can. Add more warriors, upgrades to your weapons, it'll be a 10

Not bad..

It's not very intresting. all you can do is block and attack and thats it. you should make more skills or attacks you can do and make more enemies, but its still a great idea and if u work on it a bit more, it can be a lot better

Great concept

You should make it a bit more complicated than just block and attack. The graphics were pretty good and the sound was ok. You should add some more levels and more attacks and abilities.


man, add a few levels and this will be all 10s. its amazing.

Good graphics and smart fighting style

It would be smart to add a few levels