Reviews for "Gladiator!"

Great Movie Needs Some More "Stuff"

First off, I love the gladiator and this is a very very good flash movie. I think like the review before this said you need a selection of weapons more enemy's different levels. The way you fight is a little confusing but it's still great keep it up i'm hoping to see what i said above... and GooD lucK

Great potential! Keep it up!

The graphic is cool and so is the metallic clinking of the weapons. Overall, I think this game has great potential to be numbered one of the
best. Hope u can work on adding more enemies, selection of weapons, and more slash and cut options. Looking forward to a better version of this game! Keep it up! ;)

Good Game

Needs More Levels

you used duke nukems voice okay touch too easy!

it is too easy to just press left and right!No big deal! I like the use of (that is duke nukem isnt it) Duke Nukem's voice!


hey man, this has some really cool art in it. its simple but the opponent is just cool looking. much better than shit like combat instinct 2...yeah there is virtually no animation and you moves are limited and the hero is a pansy, but dammmit that minotaur guy looked cool.

it'd be nice ta see you a add a few more frames of animation and maybe the abikity to move around a bit....i like it tho good shit bud