Reviews for ".:Arabic Desert:."


very well made! i personally dig this kind of stuff (i have one, arabian odyssey, not quite as good as this though), very well thought out, professional sounding, loved the drum breaks and the variations in melodys

my only complaint is some of the bells were a little loud overall, took away from the underlying melody personally, but not enough to make it sound bad though.

liked the pop fusion stuff at 1:40, just excellent, great job!

neoloconick responds:

Thanks I'm glad you like it ^^ It came to me wen i was playing black site area 51 for 360 i kinda felt left out since there is no music so i just got bored and made this one =p


Very Nice Song With The Game Fits Perfect , Nice Work ^^.

this is cool

It matched with the game red moon because it's like an adventure game and with this song it sounds cool


Nice, interesting melody.

On a professional level

Very atmospheric, really immerses you.