Reviews for ".:Arabic Desert:."


This song make a great far-east atmosphere


below review---v

I kinda hate to be a dick, but you didnt "make" this all by hand. This is definetly Magix, or Ejay, one of the duplo music compiling programs. I've definetly heard a few loops in this track in multiple other NG submissions before, especially the bell riffs and the tabla percussion and sitar loops. On top of that, the dynamic quality and professional recording is too top notch for 99.9% of NG.


Giving you a bad score because of loops isnt fair criticism at all. The arrangment was pretty good, especially for a loop conglomeration, In fact, the song was amazing, if you happened to be the one to play/compose/write these loops mad kudos to you. But 8/10 because of the reconigizable raw loops, points off for lack of originality.

Be more creative next time! Personalize the loops some by slicing them, running them through different effects, maybe use a couple loops, download a real DAW program and combine the preset loops with your own programmed patterns or played riffs.

Hm, sounds familiar.

Did you happen to sample parts of a song by the name of "Spartan Slayer" in the beggining, because it sounds kinda familiar. :P

Anyways, 4/5 (actually meant for a 5/5, but I missed the 5 button by a few pixels), 10/10, faved, yada yada.

neoloconick responds:

Actully no I did not I did this all by hand. Thanks for the review.

do you mind

do you mind if i use it as main theme in my upcoming game.

it is a 3D game. with a "Altaïr" like dressed character with a big sniper and 1 mighty sword and 2 powerful Desert eagles.

the story is not finished yet and i am really going to script it over like a year or 2.
i don't have any 3D scripting expiriences

neoloconick responds:

Yea sure i give you permission i hope it turns out well ^-^


nice rhythm