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Reviews for "fiddle me this!"


worth 10/10 and 5/5 really awesome dont know what else to say

jouste responds:

hey that was enough to say my friend! thanks a bunch!



I ejnyoed admiring the scythe. (I meant to make that mistake... sorta.)

*Facepalms you*

jouste responds:

*dodges facepalm with a sweet backflip while drawing a feirce sledge hammer*

glad you like the picture dude! personally i can't stand scythe weapons but i think this one turned out ok.



Well you sure did manage to turn the ,goofy yet omnious scarecrowm into one and all Bad ass and Doom bringing Scarecrow! :D

I don't remember him having teeth like that but it sure does give a good touch to it. I'll be drawing Fiddlesticks and maybe some of the other LoL champions in the future aswell. and attempt to make something worthwhile like your fanart aswell :B

So all in all ,Awesome job!

jouste responds:

hey alright!

LoL needs more fan artists! and no fiddlesticks doesn't have any teeth. i tend to add more flourishes to the characters when i draw them

thanks for the comment!


Crowstorm, fear and i'm happy again!

The picture catches his fearful aura of paranoia perfectly! Nice work mate!
Maybe you could draw him in his casting pose? that would be beyond awesome!

jouste responds:

haha i'm probably going to move onto another champ.

good suggestion on the pose tho!


best champ imo

def needs skill and time/connection to work this guy, my suggestions would be warwick or karthus. this pic automatically makes u a fav of mine