Reviews for "Warfare in the midst"

very nice

though when the weird kick with lots of reverb just kept going off beat all the time, it kinda removed the mood of the entire song, and from there on i couldnt follow the melody, it kinda just turned to sounds instead of music, and their are some weird chops when the choir and strings come in

but the sounds are good... what did you use?

NipplesMaster responds:

magix music maker


I give it an eight, it's pretty good work. ^.^


This, I predict, will be in the Top score of all time next week! It is #21 with 52 votes, 1 311 listens, and 15 downloads as I listen to it right now. Good luck! Maybe put some hard core drums in there.

I liked it!

Noice job, dude. It's good'n epic. Almost Lord of the Rings worthy. Two thumbs up.

NipplesMaster responds:

thank you lately i cant get that epic feel to my music... i need something tragic or phonomanal to happen to my life soon so i can get back in my groove