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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"


This guy needs to get some sound and this guy has more problems than me!

Just a "kill x game." I never played Digimon not gonna lie, this one was a little more fun since it had some timing to it.

Goody, more dogcrap.

This movie completely and utterly sucks. I never thought I'd be saying this, but this was actually worse than a stick-movie!

Sound ?

You've could have given sound to the thing, but since this is kid crap stuff, I will give you some credit for trying to end a anime, that disses anime.

This is horrible and extremely offensive!!!!!!!!!

I pity the jerk who made this. This is horrible and DISTURBING!!! Have you no respect for Japenese children's anime? Digimon is a good show.

anrchy-kid responds:

oh my god! if you like digimon dont go to a movie titled Kill Gomamon and Patamon are you some kind of retard or somethin.

and cmon youd think a million dollar corporation could at least make them move a little better if they aint talkin they dont move at all what the hell is up with that.