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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"

uh, pretty good

well, its not the best, but then i saw it was made by a 12 year old, and all i gots to say is that you have some real talent at 12, so keep it up and make more videos, and hone your skills.

anrchy-kid responds:

You even took the time to review my snowboard movie no one has done that before i will make more videos and i will hone my skills later.

Yup, your pretty good kid

Not bad. It was innovative. I liked it. These are all things that can be said about you flash cartoon. I think that as you get better you'll make some awesome stuff. Bravo.


i know you made this years ago,but this is a coinsidence.im 12 years old!i joined newgrounds yesterday and submitted my first flash.some said it was good for my age,some said it was crap.but still,my flash skills aren't too great at the moment.but im getting better.
anyway,this game was quite fun,and it was cool to kill patamon.(to think i used to be a really big fan of Digimon..)
nice game!


Not bad for a 12 year old

I would just like to say one thing to the creator:

stop stressing the fact that you're 12.

Pretty good for a 12 year old........

How do we know if you're 12 or not? You may be using our pitty to gain our favor......hmmmm, where's your ID? Hehehe, well, i won't be heartless on this one, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Good work! (but it could be better!) ;-)

anrchy-kid responds:

I swear to god im 12. Really im 12
I'm not lying its the truth.