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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"

Digimon sucks ass !!

Good movie ! I hate Digimon and I always wanted to see an entry like this on N.G. ! Everybody should send MORE anti-digimon entries besides those Poke'mon ones ! There are TOO many anti-Poke'mon entries it just gets so tiring ! THANK-YOU ! FINALLY !! AN ANTI DIGIMON MOVIE !!!!

anrchy-kid responds:

I am now working on an assasinate augumon and palmon its coming along and i still want to assasinate the digidestined to so i will make that soon too.

Good for a 12 yr old right?

Nice Job Kid, I hat them!

Nice Job, I really hate Digimon, E-mail me at Chrono2000_2001@hotmail.com, and I'll hook you up with a better version of Flash, K?

anrchy-kid responds:

You rule i will e-mail you immediatly i'll even make movies for you or somethin when i am great. or now you know, whenever

pretty good

hey,that was pretty good.the rating would be a 10,but there was no sound,that could have made it a lot better.but i envy you for being able to do something i will never be able to do.but keep workin and youll get better.experience and greatness go hand-in-hand,never forget that.


All you Digimon fans can piss off! It's about damn time someone here on NG recognized that Digimon sucks! Keep this stuff coming, kid! How about you make a movie where Gabumon turns evil and kills everyone else? With a little sound, THAT
would be sweet.

Fun game

Fun game you have here, it kept me interested you may want to think about adding some extra features like a mini game option of some sort though i had fun playing this though.