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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"


Hell yeah! Anti-fucking-Digimon! You always see anti-Pokemon shit, that's good and all, but I've been waiting to kill some Digi-fuckers! You are awesome! Make more! MORE! MORE!!!!!!!

anrchy-kid responds:

A great review hey thanks man never got one of those be 4 I'm on my way up

You rule man


It's ok for a 12 year old

I think it is a good start and this kid has potential

That's pretty good

That's pretty good. Like the last guy said, I envyyou for being able to do something I can't do :P Anyways that was cool keep 'em comin!

pretty good for a 12 year old

I like the consept of the game and i really want to make cartoons for NG too but I'm not really any good at it but maybe im just not doing it right, so good luck little man and if i had sound it would be yours!

Well done

If you are 12 and this was your first effort then well done. I think that when you can get sound and you start to experiment more you will knock up a better game but keep being creative.