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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"

What a great guy

Kid sniff you may only be 12 sniff but this rules!

Kill the Digimon!

Kill ALL the Digimon!

Alright! Wanna work on a thing for my site?

I don't like the last jerk-off's comment that all F**king Digimon should die... hey but i liked it! I gotta hand it to ya, kid. I was getting tired of seeing pokemon submissions. I happen to be an open minded fan of Digimon, and I really like the idea that some people are willing to do new things, like you just did. You want a job? (for free, but you'll be getting your name out...) I'm currently building a web page that also will include digimon and other things. Could you make me a "Kill Puppetmon" game? As you get more experience, people will want to hire you for their web site, and mabey even pay you. E-mail me at Wizardmon_DoctorWho@hotmail.co m if you're interested.

That's pretty good

That's pretty good. Like the last guy said, I envyyou for being able to do something I can't do :P Anyways that was cool keep 'em comin!

pretty good for a 12 year old

I like the consept of the game and i really want to make cartoons for NG too but I'm not really any good at it but maybe im just not doing it right, so good luck little man and if i had sound it would be yours!