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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"

I'm only here to diss this piece of shit!

Now you're going to get what you deserve.

Gomamon Warp Shinka! Plesiomon!

Plesiomon: WATER BLADE!

*The Water Blade attack hits you and simultaniously splits you in half*

What the.......

What the fuck do you think i am a 2 year old!!!!!

HEY! I =LIKE= Gomamon!

Okay, I don't mind Pokemon bashing, but Digimon has an actual PLOT, thank you. Gomamon you may not like, but a lot of people do, including me, and I'm getting near my 20th b-day... God, go blow up Davis or Yolei... They deserve it a lot more than Gomamon. As a Digimon fan, I'm insulted. As a Gomamon fan, I'm appalled.

Doesn't do anything when I press spacebar...

So I vote accordingly.

Wow....your stupidity amazes me.....

I hate to give a kid that is even younger than myself such a reveiw...considering that id accidently kill myself trying to use flash. Bur on the other hand...YOU SUCK!!!!!