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Reviews for "Kill Gomamon and Patamon"


This was ok. I just have a couple questions: What the hell is a 12 year old listening to ICP and advertising Anarchy for? I hate it when pseudo-people latch on to some label like "Anarchy" and think it like a club or something. But since you claim you're 12, I'll just assume you haven't found yourself yet. Good luck, and quit listening to that crap, it rots your brain.

anrchy-kid responds:

lemme start by sayin who the fuck are you to tell me what to listen to. I'll listen to what i want.and 2nd i dont think anarchy is a club, i believe in anarchy cause of what the government does, just cause im 12 doesnt mean im blind i can see whats goin on and im pissed of about it.I see how they take money for taxes and totally waste it on some stupid shit no one needs, i admit we need some taxes for hospitals and schools and stuff are good but why do these goddamn idiots waste it?

Digimon sucks ass !!

Good movie ! I hate Digimon and I always wanted to see an entry like this on N.G. ! Everybody should send MORE anti-digimon entries besides those Poke'mon ones ! There are TOO many anti-Poke'mon entries it just gets so tiring ! THANK-YOU ! FINALLY !! AN ANTI DIGIMON MOVIE !!!!

anrchy-kid responds:

I am now working on an assasinate augumon and palmon its coming along and i still want to assasinate the digidestined to so i will make that soon too.

Good for a 12 yr old right?

kicks major ass!!!!

we all know that everyone hates digimon and that no one made a anti digimon movie ever.all you would see is assasinate pkemon. until he came up with this greatly animated movi.also I love it when gomamon pees on the rocket.Keep them coming.

anrchy-kid responds:

Thanks Sean,
This is my friend Sean since he is my friend he may have gone easy on me.
Later Sean

Pretty good for a 12 year old........

How do we know if you're 12 or not? You may be using our pitty to gain our favor......hmmmm, where's your ID? Hehehe, well, i won't be heartless on this one, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Good work! (but it could be better!) ;-)

anrchy-kid responds:

I swear to god im 12. Really im 12
I'm not lying its the truth.


Hell yeah! Anti-fucking-Digimon! You always see anti-Pokemon shit, that's good and all, but I've been waiting to kill some Digi-fuckers! You are awesome! Make more! MORE! MORE!!!!!!!

anrchy-kid responds:

A great review hey thanks man never got one of those be 4 I'm on my way up

You rule man